Wednesday, May 8

Absent but busy.

I haven't posted in awhile but its only due to the fact that I haven't been stitching.

I got my study books and I am trying to get into the mindset of studying again.  It's surprising how hard it is to do after so many years.

Also winter is knocking on our door and I realized that I need new winter socks and so I have been spending my time making some:

They are nice to be making at this time as they are easily put down and picked up again.

And as I only have a limited amount of sock yarn I have been busy at my wheel for a little each day and being spinning some superwash merino for more socks:

I am using this busy time to be doing the knitting because in 2 1/2 weeks we are going to be going away on holiday to the Drakensberg!! It is our annual holiday and I will have 6 days of only hubby and daughter and absolutely no rushing around for school stuff, no cleaning unless it's just a little bit here and there.  It is going to be so good to curl up in the evening with a fire going and hubby reading, daughter doing what she wants and me stitching.

I plan on taking Summer Fairy with and hoping I can get her close to a finish.

I will leave you with some very mischievous kitty pictures.

Here is my darling playing with a roll of kitchen towels:

After dropping my daughter off at school yesterday morning I came home to find the kitty needing rescuing:

She had climbed right to the top of our mulberry tree but she couldn't get back down.


Emma/Itzy said...

Oh dear, it looks like your kitty is just as mischievous as ours! One of our is forever climbing over the back fence only to realise he can't get back over again!

The socks are looking great :)

sharine said...

Great socks. I wish I could spin. The colors look beautiful:)

Linda said...

Great looking socks Monique. Poor kitty. Mine don't go outside.


SoCal Debbie said...

The socks looks so cozy! You are so very talented, Monique! Don't forget to take your Cut Thru Gypsy Wagon with you on vacation, too! Have a wonderful time!