Friday, July 12

The Princess Sleeps Here

Here is my new start after working on it for three days:

This is such a fun and fast stitch.  I am really enjoying it and it is so nice because you can backstitch each letter after stitching it.

Debbie asked about my Cut-Thru design and sadly I must say that I have decided not to continue with it.  I have had eye ops, and even though I am 31, my eyes are not so great.  I found working on 18 count not fun at all.  My eyes would burn after awhile and I really started dreading stitching on it.

Sadly this means that my daughters stocking and the fabric I planned on starting BOIC has also been put away.  I have not had a chance to buy any new 14 count yet to restart and I won't be buying any for a few months because of a new project that I started.

I am wanting a way to start making a bit of my own spending money and obviously have to invest funds to get it going and the next few months cash wise will be put into this endevour.

I am planning on making bath products that are specifically for kiddies.  You never find anything fun to make kids really enjoy their baths in the shops and I think it would be something fun to try out.

Here is this months products:

Aren't they gorgeous??? They are cupcake soaps and I had so much fun making them.

End of July I plan on making some bubble baths and handwashes and other fun goodies.


Karen said...

Fun seeing your new project.
When I was a kid one of my relatives made soap in fun shapes and put a little toy inside. They probably don't do that anymore since a small child might swallow one, but I love the cupcakes idea.

Linda said...

Love your new project and the cupcake soaps are adorable. Sorry to hear you won't be continuing with our cut thru SAL. Maybe later, when you can get some 14ct fabric.


Annette-California said...

Darling new wip. So sorry to hear about your eyes. But thank goodness you can still stitch and create. Just on larger count adia fabric. Just so you are aware there are 11ct fabrics. Cute cupcake soaps:)
love Annette

SoCal Debbie said...

The cupcake soaps are a great idea! I'm sorry you can't continue with the Gypsy Wagon.