Monday, July 8

Lots Of Updates

I seem to have misplaced my blog mojo.

Granted its due to the fact that we do not have a permanent internet connection (yes shocking but hubby can't stand the major internet/telephone company and doesn't want to give our hard earned money to them) and so we use a wireless dongle for our internet.

Sadly for the last few weeks it has been a really bad connection and I can barely do anything on it.
Updating the blog takes about an hour trying to get things uploaded etc and viewing blogs is more "refreshing" to get the blogs to load properly.

But I have been busy.

Firstly I finished another pair of socks.  I am proud of this pair as it's my first pair of my own handspun yarn.

I worked on Glass Aglow until I finished the second (out of four) parts on the same fabric.


I have no idea why google decided to upload it sideways but I will leave it as such.
And I started a new design called Carefree Lane.
I am not enjoying the colours of the first house and most of the houses have the same or similar colours but I do love the way the finished item looks.
I worked on some more Christmas decorations.  I started on them along time ago and only finished one but now I have 3 more done:
Its now 9:49pm but I plan on staying up at least another 10 minutes to get a new start under way.  It's a whimsical design that I want to do for my daughters room, just because I love the look of it.


Kaisievic said...

Well, at least if you haven't been blogging you have been stitching! Lots of lovely items - love the Christmas ornies.

sharine said...

Beautiful work. Love the socks:)

Karen said...

You've gotten lots done. I love the socks. Great work.

Linda said...

All your projects are lovely Monique. Congrats on the adorable finishes.


SoCal Debbie said...

Sorry about your unreliable internet! I'm amazed that you spun your own yarn and made such gorgeous socks! Glass Aglow is such a beautiful design! The ornaments are so cute and that house is pretty.

Have you been stitching on Gypsy Wagon?