Tuesday, August 6

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Thank goodness that today is an easy one.

I am so totally exhausted right now.  I have stood in my kitchen since 12 this afternoon till 9:30 tonight.  I spent a few hours making soap goodies and had a great time doing it.
But by the end of that my feet were killing me but I had to make supper, then the after supper washing up, then making lots of cupcakes for my daughter to take to school tomorrow and then the cleaning up after that.

I really was in no state to still be standing when it was time to make the cupcakes but its a yearly birthday thing I do for my daughter.  She always has her birthday on a public holiday so usually the last day of school before her big day, I send cupcakes for her to give to her class mates as a mini celebration.  This year there are two days of no school before her bday so they had to get done tonight.

Now I am doing my update and then I am going to fall into bed with my sore feet and aching back and do a little bit of reading.

Okay Day 4 challenge is "What I'm Afraid Of"

I am afraid of heights.  Not in the usual sense though because I can go up high but what scares me is the falling down from that height.

Hope that makes sense considering how muddled my brain is right now.

Sadly I didn't even get one stitch in today.  But tomorrow is my special day, and I am going to celebrate it by only doing the basic cleaning and washing and the rest of the time I will spend it with my stitching in hand.

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