Wednesday, August 7

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Yesterday I pictured myself having a lovely relaxing time stitching.

You see today is my 32nd birthday and as a present to myself, I decided to do only basic cleaning and also clothes washing, and the rest of the day would be spent lazing around with stitching in hand.

When in actual fact my day has been cleaning, a bit of reading and then I did a tiny little bit of more soapy goodness.  And yet still not a stitch done...

But I will remedy that in a few minutes.

Okay todays challenge is "10 songs that I love right now"

3 Doors Down - Be Like That
3 Doors Down - Here Without You
Cold - The Day Seattle Died
Daughtry - Crawling Back To You
Daughtry - It's Not Over
Evanescence - Further Away
Evanescence - Hello
Evanescence - Where Will You Go
Prime Circle - As Long As I Am Here
Prime Circle - She Always Gets What She Wants

Now I am off to go do a bit of food shopping and then go pick my daughter up from school.

She is super excited because they will be having a 4 day weekend, as the teachers are going on a course so the school is closed tommorrow and will be closed on Friday as it's a public holiday.  Friday is her 9th birthday and then on Sat we are having a party for her and all her friends will be there.


ricketyjo said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! A shame you didn't get time for stitching, but hope you are having a nice day all the same. Hope that your daughter has fun at her party and has a great birthday too :)

Loubie69 said...

A Belated Happy Birthday and hope you did manage to get some stitching done in the end.