Monday, August 12

31 Day Blog Challenge Days 9 &10 and a Finish!

Ok lets get the challenge done first.

Day 9 is "Worst Habits"

This is a hard one as a person doesn't like thinking of their own bad points.
1.  My temper is a bit too short (can one call this a bad habit?)  I always think of how to make myself better in this way so I would think it's a habit because one can work on changing it.
2.  I leave everything to the last minute.  I always tell myself that there is time, until there just isn't any time left.
3.  I don't have much money sense.  I spend before I think about it and always regret if I overspend.

Okay even though there is probably more, I will leave it at 3:-)

Day 10 is "Best Physical Feature"

I am not a "pretty person".  I would say I am on the average scale.  My face is round and I have no bone structure but I must say my best feature would have to be my mouth ( at least in my eyes).  I have a bottom lip that is much fuller than my top lip.  I know that a few years ago it was all the rage to have your bottom lip made fuller by collagen and I was always chuffed that mine were like that naturally.  Think Angelina Jolie's lip and thats what I mean.

I have another finish as of today.

My Glass Aglow is done!!!

I made a list of all my WIPS and planned starts (that I have the fabric for) and ther are a total of 8.  I ran the numbers through the Random Number Generator and it gave me # 1 as the result.  So next up I will be working on Hocus Pocus until it is done.

I am hoping to get all the wips completed this year so that I can start 2014 fresh.  I plan on making a list of at least 14 things I want to stitch in 2014 and will add them to my sidebar closer to the end of the year and will use the RNG to choose one each time I have a finish.

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Linda said...

Congrats on the great finish Monique.