Saturday, August 10

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 7 & 8 and new stand (sort of)

I missed yesterdays blog challenge so I will do both today:

Day 7 is "Pet Peeves"

I think my worst one is when someone invades my personal body space.  You know if you are standing in a line somewhere and someone literally has their body shoved up to you and is actually physically touching your back or keeps on bumping you.

I also dislike it when you go to the bathroom only to realise that theres no toilet paper in the holder because the person who was there last finished it and never put a new one on.  The worst is that you usually only realise this once you actually need the paper.  Sadly my family does this all the time:-)

Day 8 is "whats in your handbag"

Okay luckily for me I cleaned out my handbag awhile ago, and this is not as embarrasing as it would normally have been.

My wallet
Cross stitch

I am such a happy woman right now.  I have been wanting a proper cross stitch fame/stand for ages now.
I have looked into getting one from 123 stitch but the import tax that the post office would charge was a bit too much.
I looked at ordering one from DMC until the local shop told me that it would cost over R2000.00 and I couldn't ask hubby if I could spend that much on it.

I was looking at a online auction/buying site a few weeks ago and saw a scroll frame for a measley R80.00!!! I bought it immediately and yesterday hubby spent the day in his workshop and made me a stand for it.

Now I have this absolutely stunning thing:

I am truly happy right now with this that I keep on just walking past it and looking at it:-)

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Linda said...

Great stand Monique.