Tuesday, August 20

Hocus Pocus Update and (yet another) New Start

I have been working on Hocus Pocus for a few days now but it was mostly catching up on half stitches and backstitch so it would of been more like "spotting the difference" than anything else.
So I waited until I had a significant difference to show in my update.

I last worked on her a few months back when we were on holiday.

This is the last update pic: 


And this is her now:

I have been watching Debbie as she stitches on her 99 Bottles wip.  I have had this for ages and I finally gave into starting it after seeing her progress.

I didn't have 14 count so I am trying 18 count again.  I have solved the issue (hopefully) by making this a daylight project and working on HP in the evenings.

I was planning on doing 1 bottle a day but these take more time to stitch then I thought they would.  Yesterday I finished a bit of the shelf and one bottle.

I planned on doing one bottle a day but today's bottle had a few colour changes and I never managed to finish it.  So I think I won't push myself and will just do an update once I finish 2 bottles each time.

I have a bit of frogging to do on the first bottle though.  I am used to designs that have the symbol . which means white.  So I subconsciously just grabbed the white when I saw the symbol but today when I worked on the 2nd bottle I realised that white is actually : and . is a yellow.  So the white you see in the pic needs to be frogged and replaced.

I am sure I will be back tomorrow night with 2 bottles correct and finished.


sharine said...

Awesome progress:)

Linda said...

Great progress Monique. I love your new start. I to have this chart and have been watching Debbie's progress. I hope to start it soon.


Linda said...

I would love for you to come by my blog and say hi.



Annette-California said...

Great progress! I thought I was the only one who at times mis-understood some of the symbols too. that actually happened to me today on Ann Dale. I corrected it and pleased I caught it. Good for you - you caught it too on yours.
love Annette