Friday, August 23

Attempting A New Rotation

If you look on my right side bar you will see a new list up.

This is a list of all my WIP's and also any new starts that I already had set up (already had fabric for).

I will stitch each project for 2 days and will work down the list in Alphabetical order.

I worked on 99 Bottles for the 2 days, also worked on A Time For Giving yesterday and today.

I will do a update on both of those tomorrow morning.

I am hoping that this will allow me to stitch guilt free as all projects will be worked on and I will only have a short amount of days between the times that I stitch on them.

I have decided to resurrect my projects on 18 count.
I spent the money on the fabric, and also spent a bit of time on stitching and I just don't like to see them being wasted.  The progress on those will be slow and I am sure not much progress when it's time to update but at least they are not gonna be chucked.

Honestly I also like the size of the christmas stocking on 18 count.  It's nice and big to put things in but not so big that I have to have alot of stuff to fill them with.


Linda said...

Sounds like a good plan Monique. Looking forward to seeing a Gypsy Wagon update.


Linda said...

Hi again Monique. I thought that you were in my cut thru SAL group. I have a SAL page on my blog and we also have a Facebook page. Please let me know if you would like to join our SAL.


Annette-California said...

Great plan indeed:) I too have lots of 14ct fabrics from long ago and I love the colors. I am stitching Cut Thru Fairy Hill on a 16ct fabric I had and I hand dyed it myself. Good for you not to waste what you already have in stash. I too think the stocking will look great in 18ct, I had stitched 2 stockings on 14ct (didn't know any different at the time). how fun you have some great wips planned:) love Annette

Trish said...

I've begun a new rotation also, I'm stitching small or medium projects on weekdays and large or extra large projects on the weekends. I'm hoping to make equal relative progress on my pieces.