Saturday, August 24

Too Many Distractions!

Firstly 99 Bottles is coming along great.  It's such a fun stitch as you feel accomplished everytime you finish a whole bottle, and it makes the fact that you have 99 to do, much more manageable.

I cheated a bit and worked on it for 3 days, but shhhh don't tell my other projects that:-)

I then worked on A Time For Giving for 2 days and lets just say that not much happend in those two days.



It looks like I accomplished a bit over 2 days, but honestly there was a bit more added after my last update and I never blogged about it so it just looks like more.
I didn't do much stitching the last two days as I have had far too many distractions.
Distration One:
I was watching S1 of the TV Series Arrow.
I love the story line of the series, but I tend to love any of the Superhero movies, so it was a given that I would enjoy this.
My problem was that I would put on an episode with stitching in hand and would all of a sudden realise that I have watched the whole episode and my stitching was just left lying in my lap.
I just enjoyed watching the main character of the series way too much to miss any of it.
Distraction Two:
It started out innocently (as it always does).  I was just looking around for new blogs to add to my reading list when I came across one that does English Paper Piecing.
I thought that it looks interesting and so I read some more. 
Then I thought:  Wow I would love to make a table cloth for Christmas with that technique.
A couple hours later I had read blogs and watched you tube videos and technique pages.
And today I popped into the fabric shop and bought some quilting fabrics:
I am not sure about the brown one on top working with the colours, but I really just couldn't resist those cute and tiny motives on it.
I really don't need another project and probably spent a bit too much money on the fabrics (sorry hubby) but I really just couldn't resist.

Distraction Three:

I spent a big part of yesterday sorting out all my WIPs and new starts.
I have put them in their own individual folders, which includes my working copy, the fabric and any threads needed for that project.
Now at any given time I just have to pull out the file to be ready to stitch.

I still have the last 3 projects to sort out and will show a pic of my storage solution on my next update.

I had grand plans for today with my stitching.
Daughter has a friend visiting so she is happily occupied, hubby left very early this morning to help a friends nephew move.   This meant that I had the whole day to stitch with very little interuptiions from daughter and absolutely no guilt from feeling like I shouldn't be stitching because hubby might think I am being lazy.

Instead I have tidied house, being sorting out my projects and spent a fair amount of time at the fabric shop and then this update has taken forever.  Hubby should be home in about 3 to 4 hours so hopefully I can get my butt in my chair asap.

PS I apologise for the weird spacing in this post and the previous one.
I have no idea why it is doing that and the extra line spaces don't show up under the html and that means I can't fix/change it.


Jan Gartlan said...

The new piecing project looks great. Love your cross stitching too. Great you got organised too!

Linda said...

Both projects look great Monique. I really need to start 99 Bottles.
Pretty fabric.


Justine said...

Love 99 bottles but can see why you were distracted!

SoCal Debbie said...

Have you been stitching any more on 99? I'm doing that one too, but I haven't finished one row yet.