Monday, October 28

Mini Ariadne And Cut-Thru" Gypsy Wagon

I finished Row 2 Page 1 of Mini Ariadne and this puts me at 3% complete:

I also pulled out Gypsy Wagon again and did a little more on the roof:

Hoping that next time I might actually finish the roof.


Lauren said...

Great progress! They are both looking great. I'm especially loving the Gypsy Wagon. Happy Stitching!

SoCal Debbie said...

All that purple looks beautiful! So much stitching for only 3%. Wow!

I'm glad to see the Gypsy Wagon back again! I added you back to the SAL group!

sharine said...

Nice progress. Love watching the cut-thrus:)

Linda said...

Happy to see you working on the Gypsy Wagon again Monique. Great progress on both.