Monday, November 11

A New Project

But it's not cross stitch.

We have lived in this house for 7 years now and I have never had a space of my own as such.

In the average home the woman is the one that makes the house a home and the husband that lets her:-)
In my house it's different.  The husband takes a majority interest in the house and is finicky that he likes things just so.

He does all the work by hand (his choice) and I guess that makes him feel like he has a right to decide how things must be as he is doing the physical labour.

As a woman it does bother me sometimes that I walk through a house that doesn't have "me" in it.
You see we have totally different tastes in things and we clash on ideas.  I came to terms with this years ago and learned to just let him be.  When I used to fight it, it used to cause problems and I eventually learned that it's a small price to pay for a happier marriage.

We have a small flat in the back yard and I was given that as my craft room but it never really worked for me.  It's on the far side of the yard and I always feel separate from the house if I use it and also my daughter has grown up in this house and it's difficult to sit in there with a young child who doesn't want to be in there:-)
So it ended up being a storage area and I still had the problem of my wips being in the house and not really having a place to put them when I wasn't working on them.

We have a spare room in the house and I talked my hubby into letting me turn that into my craft room instead.  It used to be my daughters room until we moved her into the warmer bedroom and it has been sitting empty ever since, waiting to be turned into a guest room.  It's still painted pinks from when she stayed in there so my first job will be painting the walls.

I chose and picked up the colours of paint today and am excited and scared at the same time.  I love warmth and colours and I might have gone overboard with my colour choices:-(  I don't have an eye for colour so not sure how the two colours will work but I am holding thumbs that it turns out beautiful.

Other than painting there is a small vanity that I want to work on by removing the top half that hold the mirror, painting it and using it in the craft room.  I will also be needing a few pieces of furniture which I hope I will be able to find in the 2nd hand store etc.

But first things first... painting!

And I will of course take pictures before and as I go along, as it's a super important time to be able to have a craft room and also to have a room that can be done to suit my likes and every time I go in there it will be me.

I do warn you that it's going to be bright, cheerful and somethings will be quirky.

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SoCal Debbie said...

Oh that sounds like a fun project, Monique! So nice to have a room in the house instead of separate out in the yard. I like bright colors on the walls, too.