Monday, December 23

A Bit Of A Funk

I have been in a bit of a stitching funk lately.  I got lots that I want to start and have actually tried a few times to start something new but each time I just sit there an stare at the fabric and eventually just put it away.

I am still stitching so I don't know what's the problem... maybe subconsciously I just feel like I already have far too much started already?

Anyway the one thing I have been working on is 99 Bottles and here is what it looked like about a week ago:

And heres progress as of today:

I think I am just going to stick with this for now and see how long I can stick to this before I itch for a new start.

1 comment:

SoCal Debbie said...

"99" looks great! Did you start on the middle shelf? I have one shelf finished on mine.