Wednesday, January 8

First Finish Of 2014

I felt overwhelmed last year not knowing what to stitch because I had too many starts and I kind of lost my mojo near to the end.  So this year I have decided to stick to a 2 week rotation... one week a wip and the other week a new start.

So when one wip is finished, I will pick up another wip and when I finish a new start, I will start something else new.

Though I have already broken my schedule:-P

But it was for a good reason.  Last week was my turn to work on a new start and I worked on A+ teacher and it was so close to being finished that I just decided to continue on working on it for the first two days of this month.  But it has to be done because school starts next week and this needed to be done and I still need to be framed.

So here it is:

A+ Teacher
Finished:  07 January 2014


sharine said...

Great finish!

Thoeria said...

That's lovely Monique! I'm pretty sure your daughter's teacher is going to be thrilled when she receives it!

Emma/Itzy said...

Lovely finish! Your rotation sounds like a good plan too.

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finish Monique.