Friday, January 10

Audiobooks are good for progress

I spent the last four months of last year playing a online game and so most of my free time was spent in front of the pc and so I didn't do much cleaning (other than the necessities)  and not much stitching.

So my one decision for 2014 was less gaming and so far I have not played once in a week.  I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.  I think what is the worst is that I got so much stuff in game that I worked hard to get and alot of time improving my character... but I don't miss the actual playing.

To help me I have been listening to audiobooks.  They are lovely as you can listen to them no matter what you are doing.  So while I clean I listen and while I stitch, I listen.

I finally listened to The Hunger Games and must say that the books are good to read before you watch the movies(s) as there is alot more info in the books that are not in the movie.

I listened to all 3 books in the series as they were not that long and I have now moved onto some Dean Koontz books... specifically the Odd Thomas books.

I finished Odd Thomas and just started Forever Odd.

I went to the shops the other day to get a frame for A+ Teacher and got one for Broom Parking while I was at it.  Sadly the frame didn't work for the Teachers gift as it has an overlap that you didn't see until you try put the stitching in it but the frame for Broom Parking worked beautifully.

I have also been working on 99 Bottles and am pleased with the progress.

I finished the last bottle and the last of the shelf:

And here is the full shelf (and yes Deb it's the middle shelf that I just did):

I moved one shelf down and finished two bottles on that one:

Even though each bottle is different and I feel accomplished every time I finish one, I also realised that I will go nuts if I only stitch bottle after bottle for an entire week.  So after thought I have decided to make this my Fri - Sun project every week and I will carry on with Jewel on the water one week from Mon - Thur.
Also now that I finished my A+ Teacher which I had in the New Start rotation, I will start Winter Fairy by Joan Elliott on Monday this coming week as it's replacement.

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Linda said...

Great progress Monique. Love the framed piece.