Friday, May 2

Plans Were Put On Hold

I was planning on a new start and then things were put on hold for awhile but for a very good cause.

We are a bit unlucky as far as Cross Stitch shops are concerned in South Africa and I usually get to live vicariously thru other stitchers but that changed recently.

A new online shop has opened and now we can get almost anything that we want.

She has just started and so it's not as stocked as a normal shop could be but she is doing a stunning job and has some fabric orders and other stuff that she is waiting on.

She is also fantastic in the sense of you are able to request things from her and once a month she places an order with suppliers and includes anything we want if they supply it.

This month I behaved myself and only ordered two items but they are both items that I have wanted for a long time:

A Q Snap and that pink heart is a needlekeeper/minder.

The frame is what put my stitching on hold as I didn't want to start stitching on one thing and then move to the Q Snap and have my tension be different.  Now that it has arrived I will probably start tonight and see how it goes.

I also placed an order of my own with the lady and I won't go into too many details about what I ordered but I will say that I splurged in a big way and look forward to getting my items sometime at the end of the month.  I will say that I ordered two more smaller Q Snap frames and some Thread Heaven but I will leave the rest of the loot for when I get it as I'm sure pictures will show it better than words can.

She also has a facebook group for her shop and she is very chatty on there and usually gives sneak peaks and just interacts with her customers.

She is also getting an order in of some hand dyed 14 count at the end of April and boy am I going to be broke for the next couple of months.  She already has 32 count hand dyed in her shop but that's just too small for me... though I have hinted to hubby (in the sense that I sent him the link) of a nice combo lamp and x5 magnifier available on amazon, and if he does order it for me, then I won't have the problem anymore.

Though I do love my 14 count and will probably only go for a smaller count for specific things like the TW design that has a huge amount of fractional stitches in it.


Annette-California said...

Hooray!!! I'm so happy for you to now have access to stitching supplies. I love my Q Snap frame hope you find yours very helpful too. The fabrics sound so pretty.
Looking forward to seeing what you stitch. love Annette

Mii Stitch said...

This is a great news!! I am really happy for you and can't wait to see what else you have ordered :)

Linda said...

Great new stash Monique.


Thoeria said...

Thanks for the heads up Monique :)
Drop me your addy again please...