Thursday, May 8

Heaven And Earth Designs and their Temptations

HAED are having their Mother's Day sale and it's a whopping 50% off.

So of course I had to go to their site and look around a bit and I saw a new piece that I just had to have.

Remember this design that I already have?

Well I saw a new release that I assume is a companion piece to this one and it's called

The Fortune Teller

I was very good though and only bought the one as the Rand to Dollar exchange rate at the moment is extremely high.


Kaisievic said...

oooh, don't tell me they are having a sale! I already have 41 of their designs! aaagghh! Love the new one you have chosen, though.

sharine said...

Great new charts:)

Lija Broka said...

The new one is exciting ... I think I missed it somehow ... need to go back and check. I have the first one on my wish list. I don't think you were the only one tempted. I bought one myself. 'Moonlight and Moonbeam' by Linda Ravenscroft. So also cats. And like yours it was also an addition to an already bought 'Smitten Kitten'.

Thoeria said...

Ohhhhh Monique!! I have such a wishlist.....going to have to try to not visit.....just spent way too much on stitchy stuff!

Mimi said...

Oh dear, I shouldn't have seen the "Witching Hour" cat. I might have to buy that chart.