Thursday, May 22

Where do bloggers go?

It's always good to clean up your blog reading list every once in awhile, otherwise it would just get longer and longer, but I find it a sad time for me.

I made the decision long ago to keep all inactive blogs till they hit the 1 year mark from their last post.  But it's sad because alot of those blogs I really enjoyed reading and liked the bloggers and I feel like I'm loosing a good book that I never got to finish.

Manbroiderer is almost at the one year mark and that is double sad because he used to do such beautiful work and I lived through the speed that he stitched and got to see many of the Joan Elliott designs that I have on my list being worked on.

I think it would be nice if bloggers decide that if they will no longer blog to at least make a final post stating so as it would allow us to conclude (for lack of a better word) our enjoyment of their work.

Everytime I delete a blog off my list I wonder if they will all of a sudden decide to start blogging in future, and I will no longer have access to knowing that.


Mii Stitch said...

You are right Monique, it is quite sad but unfortunately that's life! I don't even wait 12 months with my list...

Thoeria said...

Oh I know what you mean Monique...and I was actually wondering myself what happened to Manbroiderer....I have one of his stitched pieces from one of his giveaways hanging ....he did stitch beautifully and oh so quickly!

Lija Broka said...

Oh dear. I did not realise he was coming close to a year.

I am ambivilant about the inactive bloggers. I do not tend to delete them. What if they come back? And if they not posting they aren't taking up the space on the feed. Right? I only once deleted a blog I followed. It was a lady who started off with some exciting cross stitch but went onto posting few times a day some adverts for washing machines etc. I couldn't decide whether she was hacked or something. The goodbye posts tend to upset me. One lady wrote when she was saying goodbyes that blogging affected enjoyment of life of how she constantly thought of doing something that was good for a post and not what she wanted to do, and that the reason she begun blogging was to earn extra cash and that didn't work out. Fair enough. But it made me feel upset, same as a friend would tell me that we should no longer have catch up coffee because it forced them to do stuff just to have something to talk about, and the reason for having our tete a tete was to earn extra cash. It felt a bit stung. But to be honest I felt upset for how it made me feel, but I did not judge the lady in question. Blogging was her choice, and non blogging is an option too despite the reason. And in the end I was sad to see her go. So I suppose I tend to hold on to blogs in hope of seeing people come back.

Mimi said...

I'm glad I made the cut! ;)