Tuesday, June 24

No Updates and Why

I have pictures and I have updates but we went away this weekend and I came back with the flu.

For the last two days I have done absolutely no stitching but rather picked up my knitting needles and have been knitting socks.  I started knitting a pair about a year ago and finished the one sock last night but I can't find the other ball of yarn to do the second one.  Hopefully it will turn up soon.

But today I picked up some of my handspun and started a new pair.  It's something easy to do when I am feeling like this as it's only a small bit of rib and most of the rest of the sock is plain st st.

I normally knit socks in winter as that's the time that my feet appreciate handknit socks the best and usually will churn out about 3 pairs during the winter though I'm hoping for a bit more this year at least.

Right now I'm running a hot bath and will go lie in it for awhile because I can't stop shivering and feel like a frozen cube of ice.  I absolutely hate colds as theres nothing you can do to help make you feel better.

After that it will be time to make dinner and then more curling up with hot water bottles and knitting.

Hopefully I will start feeling better soon.


Linda said...

Sure hope that you get to feeling better real soon Monique.


Thoeria said...

It has been chilly! I also find myself wanting to knit more as winter sets in :) Hope you had a good weekend trip though and that you start feeling better soon!