Thursday, July 3

Finally an Update

It's been awhile so this might be a bit of a mash up of a update.

Firstly I have finished 1.5 pairs of socks but didn't take a pic as I know most of you are not here to see knitting.

I was also very lucky enough to sign up for the Joan Elliott Mystery SAL on Facebook.  As far as I can tell it's going to be faces of designs that she has previously designed but she is working them to fit into this frame, and we have no idea which faces she has chosen to put into it.

We got our first part beginning of June and the 2nd part should be out any day now.

Here is the first part:

I also worked on my Cut-Thru SAL and got a bit done on Cottage:

I also completed my Swop piece which was supposed to be posted out by the last day of June and I feel terrible because it's still here with me.  I got the flu and felt absolutely awful and then as soon as I started feeling better I had passed it on to the husband and the daughter:-(  As I knew that I didn't want to go anywhere when I was sick, I could not expect the daughter to be dragged to the post office when she was sick either.  But I will definately pop it in the post tomorrow morning as we are going away for our annual week long holiday in the Drakensberg and so it has to be done tomorrow.

I will update pics of what I am sending once I know my partner has received it.

Two weeks ago we went down to Durban and just so that we could go watch this:

It was absolutely fantastic and we had a blast.  Even the daughter, who said she didn't understand how going to look at cars would be fun, ended up loving it and she said the whole day was her favourite moment.

Their stint was driving around in vehicles that had to be made out of kitchen parts and I was stunned to see that every single one of them actually ran.  I apologize for the pics but it's really difficult to get good ones of moving objects.

The ironing board won:-)

And lastly here are some pics of my darling 2nd baby just because she is too adorable:

She absolutely loves her hot water bottle and every morning and evening I make her one because she actually comes to look for it and then right before I go to bed I make her another one for her to use during the night.

And here is a pic of her using it the other morning as well:

As I'm typing this she is lying here on the couch next to me curled up on the bottle even though it's cooled down by now.  Time for me to make a new one for her and also time for me to go to bed.  Got a busy morning of packing enough stuff for 3 people to last 7 days and also make sure the house is tidy.

And lastly here is a pic I took while driving down our street the other day.  And yes I did pull over before taking the pic:-)

Oh wait.... actually the following is lastly.  Not sure how many of you have heard of Grumpy Cat??? I have no idea what part of the world it lives in or who it belongs to but I just know that it's a famous cat and rightly so.  I actually have the first pic as my desktop background.  So imagine my pleasure when I came across the second pic!!!  Two absolutely gorgeous beings together and boy did I get jealous of Grumpy Cat when I saw this:-)

I think I will go to bed now and maybe be lucky enough to dream that I am grumpy cat in this exact situation.


Sasha said...

I am so jealous! That Top Gear festival looks so awesome! I love Top Gear!

Lauren M said...

Lovely stitching! That top gear show looks like it was fun :)

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely post but for me the Top Gear Festival wins!!! You are so lucky! You could only have a great day with 3 fantastic guys as hosts :D I see they were up to their usual seriousness!

Thoeria said...

Absolutely fantastic progress there Monique! Durban must have been fun! We did the Top Gear when it was out here in Jozi a few years back and my son still remembers the racing and the ice cream truck that won the race! :) would have loved seeing your socks! And your catty is precious!

Linda said...

Great update Monique. Wonderful progress on both pieces. Love the cat on the Cottage roof. Looks like that show was alot of fun. Cute pics of your furbaby.