Saturday, September 27

Finally an Update

I was not stitching for a month or two but finally picked up the needle due to the JE KAL on facebook.  I had completed Part 1 before life got hectic in time, but then Part 2 and 3 came out and I never touched it.  Part 4 was to come out on the 9th and I decided to try catch up as best I could before then.  I never managed it but luckily JE had a hectic schedule and it was delayed by a good few days.

Here is Part 2 complete:

And here is Part 3 that I finished today:

I need to touch up a bit on both parts as one of the beads on the necklace keeps insisting on laying down when all the other beads are standing up and I don't like the way the french knots turned out in kreinik in the cats eyes and I need to redo them.

Here is a view of both together:

Sorry for the crummy pics as I didn't realize how bad they were until I uploaded them.

I got a  old FO framed.  It is called Art Nouveau Lady and I finished her in 2012.

My HAED is going to be chucked due to circumstance.  I know the fact that DMC states that their is no differences in colours in their threads and I do know that this is not true.  It's not a thing that happens often and I have only encountered it in one threads in all my years of stitching.

So due to the cost of DMC threads I only have one full set of their colours which took me about two years to accumulate.  I didn't go out and buy all the colours needed for my HAED and stitched the same way I always do.  When one colour runs out, I just go buy another one.

Sadly this did not work out too well and the last time I stitched I noticed a big difference in colour.  It is very noticeable as I work down in colums so it shows as a distinct line:

I placed a slight yellow line where it shows.  The left hand side is slightly lighter than the right hand side.  It is not as noticeable in the pic as it is in life but you do still see the difference.

It's depressing due to the work I put in, the cost of the fabric but mostly I'm just not happy with myself.  I think I need to spend the next few months buying a full set of the threads needed for another HAED and all the duplicate colours needed as well.  But I think I will work on a different chart and come back to this one in the future.


Kaisievic said...

Your JE stitching looks great and how annoying about the thread on your HAED.

Emma/Itzy said...

Your JE stitch is looking great! Yes it's a shame about the HAED...and I know what its like, when you notice something it just bugs you the whole time. I always try to get threads from the same dye lot but it can get expensive :(

Linda said...

I can see the color difference in your HAED, but once it is done I don't think it will make any difference. Don't give up on it. Your JE piece is gorgeous. The framed piece turned out great.


Thoeria said...

Hi Monique....your JE is looking beautiful! Before you chuck the HAED, why not send me the number and let me send you a skein - you can then see if it matches what you already have. It would be such a shame to stop work on it after all the effort you've put in it!

Neilteil said...

The JE piece is looking gorgeous. It's such a shame about the HAED as it too was looking lovely.

Stitching Angel said...

Love your JE sal, it looks great so far. I also love your lady that you got framed. Hope you keep going on the HEAD.