Wednesday, September 3

A Sad Loss Indeed

I know I'm a bit late in finding out that we have lost a wonderful person.

I have not been online lately due to life being hectic and stressful and so when I logged into facebook today I was absolutely stunned at the post I saw about Debbie passing away.

I don't know how it's going to be not seeing all her fantastic projects on her blog.  She was an inspiration and, if I may say so, a good online friend.

I admired 3 designs on her blog and she was soooo kind enough to offer the patterns to me once she was done.  I have not started any of them yet but they will become so precious to me now and I think I will sit down tonight and decide which one to stitch in her honor.

She has always been a favourite blog to read and usually the first I looked for on my blog list.  It's really not going to be the same without her.

RIP Debbie and may your family gather strength to get through this time.


Linda said...

Hi Monique. I'm still in shock and having a hard time dealing with the loss of Debbie. I have started a FB January challenge in her honor.
I would love for you to join us. The 3 charts you got from her would be perfect.


Pat said...

I too miss her posts and encouragement. It was her enthusiasm that got me back into stitching.

Thoeria said...

A sad and totally unexpected loss Monique