Monday, November 24

Winter Fairy And Rotations

It's scary how hard I found a rotation.  My first try was set as days... e.g 4 days per design but that didn't really work as I found some days I stitched more than others and as such there were times where I hardly got anything done before I had to change over.

I liked the idea of a 10 hour rotation but then again found it to be a bit more work than fun.  I used the stop watch on my phone to keep track but if left for a certain time after stopping it, it would clear itself so I would loose the time amount.  The rest of the time I had to keep a notebook of my times and add them up to check if I had hit the allotted time and I chucked the idea.

My ipod classic broke recently and the hubby bought me a ipod touch as a replacement.  I downloaded a app that keeps track of time and I love it.  Technically it's a job timer but it allows me to save each WIP under it's name and all I have to do is press play and pause whenever I start or stop stitching.  It takes the hassle out of it all and makes it so much easier.

I was feeling monogamous and worked on Winter Fairy for about two months and she is very close to the end.  Just the bottom of her dress and then the animals and snow left.

I am going to work on the JE Faces SAL for the next bit, as I have not finished beading the previous part and there is a new part out.  I should get both of them done before the next part as it will only be out sometime in the first few days of December.

I put all my WIPs and planned starts (that I had fabric for) in a numbered list and the number generator chose me to start Sleeping Beauty so that's going to be loads of fun.


Keebles said...

I've debated doing rotations, but I think my obsessions would get in the way too much. This is the first time I've ever done more than one project at a time and I pretty much only focus on the one main one anyway. But it is nice, when you get bored of one, to have another one to work on. I'm always super jealous of those who can do rotations, so good luck to you and can't wait to see your progress!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Winter fairy is looking stunning! I haven't seen the original picture so think she looks fine without any animals!
I haven't seen anyone else who times their stitching like I do so it was interesting to read that it didn't work for you. The main reasons I started the 10 hour stints was to ensure I took regular pictures and to see how long it actually took to stitch a project. I don't combine it with a rotation though - that would be going to far!

Linda said...

Gorgeous Monique. Wonderful progress. I'm looking forward to seeing your new start.


Thoeria said...

Winter fairy is looking stunning Monique!
I've tried doing a planned rotation in the past....and it drove me batty! I've settled on stitching whatever the mood screams at me :) Hope the timing works for you!