Tuesday, December 23

I suck at rotations:-(

The 10 hour rotation with the new program worked so well until I got up once and forgot to push pause.  A few hours later and I had no idea the amount of time stitching versus the time I was up and about.

So now I'm just going to simplify it.
2 projects being worked on at a time, one new and one WIP.  One will be my Mon - Thu project and the other my Fri - Sun project.  When the "week" project is completed then the "weekend" project will move into the week slot and either a WIP or a new one will go into the weekend slot.  Hope that makes sense.

I was working on Winter Fairy hoping to have it as a completed project for the year but things just didn't work out that way.  The design says that you only need one spool of the blue kreinik but I found that it was only enough to complete the wings and now I still need to do the small sections on her skirt.  I don't think I was wasteful with the threads so not sure why it wasn't enough. 
I placed an order with a online shop in October for a few kreiniks and mill hill beads but due to the postal strike we were having, she had difficulty receiving orders from overseas and so she only placed the order which included my stuff end of November.  She hoped it would get to her before she closed for Dec holidays but that didn't happen either.  All in all not a bad thing because I have lost the 2nd spool of gold kreinik needed for the bottom of her skirt and so I had to order another one.  Now I will luckily only have to pay one postage cost instead of two.  I remember putting the spool somewhere safe one day and now I can't remember where.  It will probably turn up the day I receive the new spool:-)

All her stitching is completed.  Just the 2 kreiniks, the bottom of her skirt, the animals on the right to finish and then the beading.

I pulled out Cut-Thru Cottage and have chosen that for the weekend slot.  Though I have already broken the rule on the first week and worked on it yesterday (Monday).  I just wasn't in the mood to pull out the sewing machine to sew around the edges of the fabric for my new start.

I was planning on starting Sleeping Beauty by JE and then I guilted myself out of it due to the fact that I am already working on her Seasonal Fairy series and pretty much have two completed and two to go.

So my new start for today will be Autumn Fairy:

I wish you all a early Merry Christmas and hope to at least have another update before the end of the year.


Keebles said...

I've been second-guessing my rotation plans as well...rotation is a big commitment!

Linda said...

Your fairy is gorgeous Monique. I'm so happy to see you working on the Cottage again. It looks great. Love your new start.

Merry Christmas

Thoeria said...

Gorgeous stitching Monique.
I gave up on rotations .....it just got me so stressed when I was working on something that I was enjoying and had to put it down for the next piece in my rotation ! So now I just stitch on the piece that enthralls me for as long as it keeps me entertained and switch when I feel the need for a change of scenery!
The postal strike definitely caused havoc!
Have a lovely Christmas

Rachel Tomkins said...

I'm with Thoeria - do the project that you feel like doing. I may stitch in 10 hour stints but that doesn't stop me from changing projects every 10 hours if I want to (although usually I don't). Go with the flow and stitch what you fancy stitching. You'll find you'll stitch more and get greater satisfaction out of not being tied to a project you really don't feel like working on. Actually you probably know all that already but sometimes it's good if somebody else says it again!! :)

Ruth said...

I'd like to be good at rotations because I think it would help me not burn out on a project by working on it obsessively and then dropping it for months, but I'm too moody a stitcher and I have no self control when it comes to stitching. :)

I love all your WIPs -- simply beautiful. And, I too would bet your spool of Kreinik that you have in that very safe place will reveal itself just after you get the new one. Always the way....