Monday, January 12

HAED Pure Nature Week 1

I think I did petty good on how much I managed to stitch this week.  A bit too much stitching if you ask the husband:-)

Excuse the mess of threads as I was playing around with different ways of stitching to see what I liked best.  It should be tidy by the next update.

I was super tempted to keep this out for another week, but I am still missing a few threads, that I ordered today and should hopefully get by Friday.

Back to CT Cottage for this week.


Ruth said...

Is there such as thing as too much stitching? :) Congrats on your progress.

Linda said...

Nice progress Monique.


Stitching Angel said...

Great stitching, lots of green.

Shauna Locke said...

Lovely progress

Deb said...

Looks fabulous!!

Stitching Angel said...

Can never have to much stitching, looks great so far.