Saturday, January 10

Being a Floss Licker Just Saved My Backside

I always lick my floss before I put it through the needle.  I know some think it's gross but it just makes threading easier for me.

I picked up colour 150 and added 2 stitches when I noticed red around the second stitch.  I first thought it was some fluff and tried to pull it off, but when I pulled the stitch out, I saw that the red was actually on the fabric.

So I ran the tip of where I had licked over a different part and it left a nice red smear.  Don't worry it's a HAED so it will be covered but imagine what I would of felt like if I finished a piece like this and then washed it.  I always wash my cross stitch before it goes to the framer as he is a bit of a perfectionist and always frowns and moans at me if there is even the tiniest spot.  And he always sees them:-(

So I pulled out the 2 stitches and am just about to wrap the thread around something and leave it to soak in warm soapy water for a little bit.

Please excuse the messy threads.  I was experimenting the best way to stitch.  I first did parking across the page and by the third 10 x 10 block I got a little crazy with all the threads.
I then tried cross country but I don't like how it slows me down with all the counting and double checking.
I lastly tried parking while going down a column and it's much better and I'm only working with parked threads for that coloumn.  But I still have to tidy up the threads from my first parking attempt.  Hopefuly it will be done in time for the progress update.


Neilteil said...

Wow, now I don't feel so bad about being a fellow floss licker! Haha. That could have ended horribly.

Linda said...

Sure glad you found out now about the floss instead of later.


Justine said...

That could have been a real disaster! I'm guessing from the floss number that it was DMC? I will have to be more careful in future. I don't floss lick but might start!

Keebles said...

I never even knew floss licking was an issue until I noticed it on another blog just the other day! I've always done it because it makes it easier to thread the needle. But I also work in a lab, so I don't have a germophobe bone in my body and could care less.

Deb said...

Meeee tooo!!
A real good catch on the thread bleeding!

DJH said...

I'm also a floss licker, (didn't know we had a catchy nickname).
Good catch! What brand of floss is that? I would contact DMC if it is theirs.
I can not even imagine what would have happened had you not caught that now. *shudders*