Sunday, January 4

Have you got an ultimate cross stitch?

HAED designs and I have not had the best of a relationship.  All due to my fault unfortunately, but the first one I tried stitching I ended up using two of the same dmc bought at different times and there was a big colour difference between the two.  Then it languished and got a bit dusty so I decided to wash it.  Unfortunately I didn't think anything about the warm water vs the blue washable pen I had used to grid, and now the grid lines have set in.  Which is not a train smash as you would stitch over that anyway but I seemed to have gone slightly two high on lines and they will stick out slightly and I don't think I could live with that.

Then I decided to start another HAED and switched the fabric around when stitching and as it's longer horizontally than it is vertically, I can't get away with it and it now has to be unpicked.

I was browsing the new designs on the HAED site and just saw my ultimate stitch.  It's going to be a huge undertaking in the sense of how long it will take, the fabric (being on 18 count) will be over 1 metre long, the high cost of that amount of fabric, and not including the threads as I will make sure I buy all the threads needed in one go to make sure it will be perfect.  Oh and I don't even want to think about the cost of framing but at least that I can save up for as I am stitching it.

But every time I look at the design I just don't care about all of that and I just want to have it in my hands already, watching it slowly form.

It will take ages to gather everything needed to start but as soon as the next sale comes up I will buy the design and start saving money for the rest.

Here it is and isn't it absolutely goregous??

It's called Midnight Vigil by Lisa Parker and I must say that it's the most beautiful, stunning design I have ever seen and just has to be somewhere on a wall so that I can just sit and admire it's beauty.

Edited to Add:  Bugger!! Just did a quick glance at the floss usage information for said design and almost fell off my chair when I saw 310 Black = 55 Skeins!!! Nope I didn't do a typo there.  Ok going to take me a year to save up and I wonder where I can even find that many skeins of black but will it ever be gratifying when I do get to start.

I think I will buy a few skeins here and there through the year and will keep the black as my birthday present to myself.  R550.00 just for one colour *gulp I think I'm feeling dizzy at the thought*


Justine said...

Gorgeous design. I've seen some stitchers buying cones of 310 which I think is much cheaper than individual skeins. On the plus side, it doesn't sound as if it's full of confetti!

Justine said...

PS at the moment my ultimate cross stitch is Alice and Dodo by GeckoRouge but my tastes do change!

Linda said...

Lovely chart Monique.


Emma/Itzy said...

Its a lovely chart! I wish you luck, perhaps third time lucky x

Elaine said...

I would definitely look into buying one or more cones of 310. Cheaper and no dye lot issues.

Jan Gartlan said...

I love this! There is a similar one called mini Watching Hour. Anchor black is said to give better coverage than DMC and might be cheaper?

Stitching Angel said...

Nice chart, most heads have a lot of dmc but in the end it's so worth it.

Maureen said...

55 skeins... Aah! It is a gorgeous one though.