Tuesday, January 6

CT Cottage and A New Start

I think I made a nice bit of progress last week on my Cottage:



I have decided to try alternate every week between Cottage and a HAED.  Not sure yet how well it will work but I'm going to try.

On my last post I spoke about the design I started on the wrong part of the fabric as the design is longer lengthwise and I had the fabric longer breadth wise.

I spent 3 years creating my Master Thread stash and every time I had to buy threads for a design I was stitching I bought a few extra threads to go into my MTS.  It got into a habit and now I buy about 2 or 3 random colours every time I have to stock up on threads that have run out.

So I spent yesterday going through the backup threads and pulled everything I had and then looked at all the symbols for the first 3 coloums and bought the missing threads from those.  I also looked at all the threads that were used for only 300 stitches or less and won't buy a whole skein just for those, as I can just use from my master threads for those.  Altogether I think I have just less than half the threads needed for the project but I have enough to make a good start.  I then spent the rest of the day and evening unpicking my oopsie on the fabric and grid the first page.

As of right now there are only 3 stitches on the project but I plan on remedying that very quickly today.

My project is Pure Nature by Little Fairy Art (who also has 3 other designs that I just have to stitch:-)

I just fell totally in love with the colours and just knew that I had to stitch it simply for that reason, though the design is also very eye catching.

I also did a post this morning on the HAED Facebook group asking them if theres any chance they could look into being able to do Paul Kidby's artwork from the Discworld Series.  Not sure how the logistics of that would work as I'm sure he has specific rules from Terry Pratchett concerning his art but a girl can always hope.  I specifically want to be able to stitch the following of his art but I would happily buy almost all of his discworld art that has my fav characters in it.

I showed my husband this pic and told him how much I would love to stitch it and he told me that I'm absolutely nuts:-)  But then again he never has liked the Discworld books even though I have made him read a few of my favorites.  I just don't understand how he can not love them and he doesn't understand how I do love them. 


Stitcher S. said...

Your cottage is coming along nicely! Love the colors. :)

Annette-California said...

WOW Great progress on Cottage! I love Bothy Threads Cut Thru designs.
love Annette

Keebles said...

You made a lot of progress on cottage! I know, when HAED used to have a request board, they never once did one of my requests, but I'm not a lucky person...here's hoping you have better luck!

Ruth said...

Not like Discworld??!?!!? WHAT??? Possibly he should see a doctor because something just isn't right there.

Congratulations on your stitching progress and kudos on being so thread organized! Huge kudos. I'd be doomed. :)

Linda said...

You made amazing progress on the cottage Monique. That HAED piece is gorgeous. That discworld picture would be great as a chart.


Emma/Itzy said...

Brilliant progress and your new HAED project is gorgeous, I love the colours - so vibrant :)

Deb said...

Your cottage looks wonderful!
Love the colors of your new project!
Always good to have extra floss!