Friday, December 9

Obsessed With Joan Elliott

Lets get the bad news out of the way first.  In a earlier post I mentioned I tried to do a HAED but I found my eyes (I have had a few operations on them) just didn't like the fine work and I found they actually hurt after a few stitches.  So I put it aside for awhile and ordered myself a magnify glass.  It arrived and I thought it would help but when I sat down the other day to try I found that the magnify is not good enough and my eyes still started hurting.  Now possibly if I got a stronger magnify it would allow me to be able to do the designs but I am sure that it would be highly expensive and I just can't ask hubby to be willing to part with that kind of money.  So for a few days I sulked and felt sorry for myself and so I pulled out Lady and just carried on with her.  I must say putting her away is hard as I am really enjoying working on her.

Here is a before and after:

I am a stay at home mom and so any money I spend comes from hubby and I am open to him about what I buy and what the cost was.  Now he knows I bought a Q-snap Frame and how much I paid.
I walked past him the other night with it in my hand and when he saw it his eyes went all big.
Him:  But that's just pvc pipe
Me:  Yes I know
Him:  You paid that much for that?
Me:  (getting defensive)  Well I needed it and it was cheaper than buying a wooden frame
Him:  (grabs it from me and sits staring at it for awhile)  Do you know how much all of this probably cost to buy?
Me:  No but the workmanship on it wasn't easy, it must be hard to cut a pvc pipe in half
Him:  I could make you one of these in my workshop easily
Me:  (with a hopeful sound in my voice)  well... I do need a few different sizes
Him:  I would charge you for it though, seeing as you were willing to pay that much for this one

So I just grabbed it from him and went to sit down.  About an hour later he comes to where I am sitting, grabs it again and just stares at it.  I just burst out laughing when he told me that he thinks I am a bit crazy.

My sulks are now over because yesterday I started going through all my stuff and saw how many beautiful designs there are that I do want to make so inspiration juices are flowing again and I'm happy with the world once more.

Here is the latest adds to my To Do List:

Fire Goddess (Joan Elliott)
Earth Goddess (Joan Elliott)
Wind Goddess (Joan Elliott) Must buy chart
Peace & Goodwill (Joan Elliott)
Daffodil Fairy (Joan Elliott) Must buy chart
Iris Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Poppy Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Rose Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Chrysanthmum Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Lily Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Summer Biscornu (Polstitches)
Perfect Poise (Joann Elliott)
Believe (Gail Bussi)

Even I am starting to worry about my obviously HUGE obsession with Joan Elliott.

I have had to change my rotation due to a few changes in my list.  Firstly no HAED and then I was going to make christmas decorations with plastic canvas.  I know it's strange but I don't like doing small designs.  I will only do them if there is a good reasone.  I don't understand this myself as small means more FO's but I just am drawn to big designs.  So even though I spent money on the plastic canvas with all the best intentions I just couldn't find it in my to start.  And then all plans for the canvas went out the window yesterday when I cam across a 3D cottage that I fell head over heels for.  So now at least some of the canvas will be used for this.  I loved it so much that I have added it to my roation list and can't wait.

We are also going to a wedding in February for family of my hubbies.  I have never met them and also this will be my first wedding I have ever atteneded so I am looking forward to it.  They are really conservative so finding the right items took awhile but I found it and will be starting on it in a few days.  I will be stitching on it for three days instead of two and when I have a FO I will add this into that opening in the list to increase the days worked as I do have a deadline.

Lady - 2 days
Castle - 2 days
Cottage - 2 days
Wedding Sampler - 3 days
Cat - 2 days
Fairy - 2 days
Doors - 1 day

I am stalking the post office website as my "Overnight" parcel containing Merlin S2 and S3 was posted late Wednesday and left Cape Town that evening.  It arrived in Johburg (which is only about five hours drive from us)  at 1:00 yesterday morning.  And that is as far as the website shows me.  There have been no new updates on where my parcel is right now even though it should of arrived at our post office this morning.  Today is the perfect day for watching it as it's raining and cold here and my daughter has been invited to go play at spur with her BF and will be going at about lunch time.  So cold weather, blanket, stitching and Merlin would be so nice to be spending my afternoon with.

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