Thursday, December 8

Start of Stitching Bucket List

As the one stitching, I have the right to change my mind over and over and over.  Today I deleted my To Do List... mainly because I had lost the list that I originally had it written on , so I couldn't remember which mags I had already looked through but also as there was one or two designs that I have chosen not to make and obviously alot that I have added.

The list is not complete so more designs will be added in the next few days.

Fancy Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Story Time Bookmarks (Lisa Reakes)
Coming Up Roses (Maria Diaz)
Summer Cottage (Anchor)
Stitching Renaissance (Joan Elliott)
Castle Princess (Joan Elliott)
Renaissance Rose (Joan Elliott)
The Hunter (Anchor)
Summers Day Stitcher (Karen Brittan)
Christmas Angel (Joan Elliott)
Queeen Of The Sea (Joan Elliott)
Garden Paradise (Anchor)  MIL's Birthday Present
Spring Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Summer Fairy (Joan Elliott)
Autumn Fairy (Joan Elliott)  Must buy chart
Winter Fairy (Joan Elliott)  Must buy chart
The Time Of Your Life (Joan Elliott)  For a wedding in February
Country Cottage (Angela Poole)  3-D Cottage
Water Goddess (Joan Elliott)

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