Monday, November 26


I could not resist the sale but I at least didn't go nuts.

Its amazing how hard it is to choose just two designs.

I chose:

Mini The Eternal Promise


While downloading Mermaid the download failed.
This has not happened before and so I wasn't sure what to do.  I emailed Michel via the website and (I am not kidding) 2 minutes later she replied with Mermaid attached!!!!  What stunning service.


Emma/Itzy said...

both beautiful! I have had it happened to me once or twice before, and as you say Michelle is wonderful and so helpful!

DJH said...

Great choices!
Michele is wonderful isn't she? She has done the same for me on a few occasions.

SoCal Debbie said...

Beautiful charts! I'll be gladly watching you stitch these and bring them to life!

Loubie69 said...

I love the top one Monique, I have a few HAED's in my stash but do find the high count fabric quite hard to work on. That said this coming weekend I am working on Ariadne, so its not impossible :-) I look forward to seeing progress when you start these.