Tuesday, June 18

Summer Fairy Completed

I can't believe that she is finally done.  I started her 29 August 2012 so at least I missed the one year mark.

I wish I could take decent pics to show off the work but you will just have to do with my bad pics:

Blogger is misbehaving with this post so I will do it as it wants instead of battling to sort it out right now.
I changed her beads as I didn't like the how the white disappeared on the fabric and also I couldn't find a light gold bead so I had to settle for a dark gold.  I hope it's not too harsh.
Now she can get a bath and a gently ironing and then go in my "to be framed" que.  There are now 3 waiting to be framed but I think she will jump to the front as I can't wait to see her framed.
Now I will concentrate on Hocus Pocus and Glass aglow and maybe by the time it's my birthday I might have one or both completed.  As a bday gift to myself I will buy a bit of fabric (enough for a few starts) but I will only start Spring Fairy once I have it.  Got far too many WIPS and starts waiting for me to add much more to the list.


sharine said...

She is beautiful! Well done:)

Annie said...

She turned out lovely, and your mods look great!

SoCal Debbie said...

She looks beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful finish. Can't wait to see her framed.