Thursday, August 8

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Today's challenge is "Your 5 senses right now"

Sight:  I see the dog and cat having a snooze, my stitching calling my name (though I have worked on it today) and my daughters presents needing wrapping (yes left to the last minute) and then I have to hide them for her to find in the morning.

Sound:  I hear the fish tanks pump and the wind outside.

Smell:  The fish tank leaks a bit when you lift the lid to feed the fishes.  In summer it's not a problem as it dries very quickly but obviously not so quick in winter.  Now I get that damp musty carpet smell.  Luckily we will be putting tiles in here soon so this will be the last winter that I have to smell that.

Feel:  I feel my eyes burning and envious of the animals, hubby and daughter who are all asleep already.  But I am up late as usual:-)  I have been up late for a bit too many nights now and am starting to feel it.  But all you moms out there know how we relish that time in the evenings that are just for ourselves and usually I stay up late enjoying that time.

Taste:  I still taste the cuppichino (did I spell that right?  Too lazy to go to the kitchen to see if it is) I had a few minutes ago.  I love Nescafe for bringing out a instant cuppichino that one can make at home although the real deal is much better.

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